Results and Howto's


100 Gig Nic Evaluation:

Using FPGA enhanced Nics to loadbalance traffic for L4-7 analysis to multiple cores on a server.

Dell S4048 - ONIE Intro:

How to use ONIE to install a Network OS on a baremetal switch.

Dell S4048 - OS10 Install:

Installing OS10 using ONIE on the a Dell S4048 switch.

OS10 - A First Look:

OS10 is a linux based OS for baremetal switches. This shows the first steps for basic configuration.

Mellanox SN2700 and SciPass:

We verified the SN2700 working with SciPass as a ScienceDMZ 100G switch.


Installing a standard Linux distribution with a ASIC hardware acceleration on the Mellanoc SN2700 platform.


Using a standard Linux distribution with a switchdev driver we install perfsonar directly on the switch OS for ad hoc meassurements.