Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Report
2023-11-10 - 2023-11-23

Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Center

Unscheduled Outages Summary

Incident Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Outage Type Source of Impact Current State Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC) Duration

INC0157247 2 - High2 - High Outage Resolved- Indiana GigaPOP Backbone LL-STARCircuit - Damaged Fiber Vendor Resolved 2023-11-10 17:26:12 2023-11-11 15:34:17 0 days 22 hr 8 min
INC0157752 2 - High2 - High Outage Resolved - Indiana GigaPOP Backbone FRNK-ICTCUnannounced Maintenance Vendor Resolved 2023-11-16 05:22:43 2023-11-16 09:21:28 0 days 3 hr 58 min

Unscheduled Outages Detail

Ticket No.:INC0157247
Subject:Outage Resolved- Indiana GigaPOP Backbone LL-STAR
Source Of Impact: Vendor
Backbone LL-STAR
Purdue University
University of Notre Dame
Current State:Resolved
Start Time:2023-11-10 17:26:12
End Time:2023-11-11 15:34:17
Outgoing Notification TextBackbone LL-STAR is now available. Vendor Zayo Engineers have been contacted, and splicing has now been completed. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact the NOC at 317-278-6635.

Ticket No.:INC0157752
Subject:Outage Resolved - Indiana GigaPOP Backbone FRNK-ICTC
Source Of Impact: Vendor
Backbone FRNK-ICTC
Indiana University
IU Research Network Operations
Mid West Tier 2 Admins
Purdue University
Current State:Resolved
Start Time:2023-11-16 05:22:43
End Time:2023-11-16 09:21:28
Outgoing Notification TextBackbone FRNK-ICTC is now available. Lumen Engineers were contacted and reported the reason for the outage was maintenance that concluded at 6:00am EST on 11/16.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenances

Ticket No.:CHG0074077
Subject:Maintenance - Indiana GigaPOP Backbone LL-STAR
Source Of Impact: Vendor
Affected:Backbone LL-STAR
Member University of Notre Dame
Start Time:2023-12-13 05:00:00
End Time:2023-12-13 10:00:00
Outgoing Notification Text