Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Report
2022-01-21 - 2022-02-03

Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Center

Unscheduled Outages Summary

Incident Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Outage Type Source of Impact Current State Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC) Duration

INC0102360 3 - Moderate3 - Moderate Availability - Indiana GigaPOP Backbone BLDC-ICTCUndetermined Undetermined Resolved 2022-01-26 07:11:14 2022-01-26 07:39:27 0 days 0 hr 28 min

Unscheduled Outages Detail

Ticket No.:INC0102360
Subject:Availability - Indiana GigaPOP Backbone BLDC-ICTC
Source Of Impact: Undetermined
Backbone BLDC-ICTC
Current State:Resolved
Start Time:2022-01-26 07:11:14
End Time:2022-01-26 07:39:27
Outgoing Notification TextBackbone BLDC-ICTC is now available. Indiana GigaPOP Engineers were engaged for further investigation; however, the reason for outage is undetermined at this time.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenances

None Currently Planned