Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Report
01/20/2011 - 02/02/2011

Indiana GigaPOP Network Operations Center
at Indiana University

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Unscheduled Outages Summary

Ticket Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Outage Type Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC)

14441-Critical 1-Critical Indiana GigaPOP Core Node UL Brief Outage Resolved Power 01/31/2011 8:09 PM 01/31/2011 8:20 PM

Unscheduled Outages Detail

Ticket No.:1444:58
Subject:Indiana GigaPOP Core Node UL Brief Outage Resolved
Affected:Core Node UL
Start Time:Monday, January 31, 2011, 8:09 PM (2009) UTC
End Time:Monday, January 31, 2011, 8:20 PM (2020) UTC
Description:The above listed were briefly unavailable. Indiana GigaPOP Engineers discovered a facilities crew doing a remodel of that room accidentally hit the emergency power button. no further outages are expected.

Scheduled Maintenances Summary

Ticket Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Maintenance Type Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC)

1425 3-Elevated 1-Critical Indiana GigaPOP Core Nodes HP3500 Maintenance Completed Software 01/21/2011 5:27 AM 01/21/2011 7:01 AM

Scheduled Maintenances Detail

Ticket No.:1425:58
Subject:Indiana GigaPOP Core Nodes HP3500 Maintenance Completed
Affected:HP3500 Management Switches
Start Time:Friday, January 21, 2011, 5:27 AM (0527) UTC
End Time:Friday, January 21, 2011, 7:01 AM (0701) UTC
Description: Indiana GigaPOP Engineers rebooting HP3500 equipment to install new code. However, due to unforseen issues, the code had to be reverted to the previous version. Maintenance has been completed.

Downtime and Availability

Indiana GigaPOP Core NodesDown TimeReporting Period Availability52 Week Availability
rtr.bldc.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
rtr.ictc.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.93492%
rtr.ll.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.93492%
rtr3.ll.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
sw.111nc.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
sw.bltn.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
sw.ictc.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
sw.ll.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000% hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
sw3.ictc.indiana.gigapop.net0 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%

Aggregate Indiana GigaPOP Core Nodes0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.98698%

Indiana GigaPOP Backbone CircuitsDown TimeReporting Period Availability52 Week Availability
ING-111NC-ICTC-10GE-16200 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
ING-BLTN-ICTC-10GE-15020 hr 0 min100.00000%99.78920%
ING-BLTN-LL-10GE-15010 hr 0 min100.00000%99.90912%
ING-CTC-TWTC-10GE-016180 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99658%
ING-ICTC-ICTC-10GE-015110 hr 0 min100.00000%99.93530%
ING-ICTC-LL-10GE-15000 hr 0 min100.00000%99.93530%
ING-ICTC-LL-GIGE-015170 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
ING-LL-COGENT-10GE-016270 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
ING-ll-ictc-10GE-015380 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
ING-LL-LL-10GE-015120 hr 0 min100.00000%99.93530%
ING-LL-LL-10GE-015150 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
ING-LL-QWEST-10GE-016170 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%

Aggregate All Indiana GigaPOP Backbone Circuits0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.95840%

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenances