I-Light Network Operations Report
2019-03-08 - 2019-03-21

I-Light Network Operations Center

Unscheduled Outages Summary

Incident Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Outage Type Source of Impact Current State Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC) Duration

INC0030532 3 - Moderate3 - Moderate Availability - I-Light Backbone FTWY-PARKVIEWUndetermined Undetermined Closed 2019-03-14 17:56:49 2019-03-15 02:07:19 0 days 8 hr 10 min
INC0030650 2 - High2 - High Outage Resolved - I-Light Backbone IPHE-IPHEHardware Internal Resolved 2019-03-15 23:40:29 2019-03-16 03:25:32 0 days 3 hr 45 min
INC0030662 2 - High2 - High Outage Resolved - I-Light Backbone MUNC-RCMDUnannounced Maintenance Vendor Closed 2019-03-16 09:00:00 2019-03-16 13:11:23 0 days 4 hr 11 min

Unscheduled Outages Detail

Ticket No.:INC0030532
Subject:Availability - I-Light Backbone FTWY-PARKVIEW
Source Of Impact: Undetermined
Member Huntington University
Member Trine University-Ft Wayne
Current State:Closed
Start Time:2019-03-14 17:56:49
End Time:2019-03-15 02:07:19
DescriptionBackbone FTWY-PARKVIEW is now available. Zayo Engineers were engaged to investigate the reason for outage and determined that no trouble could be found on their network at the time the outage occurred. The reason for outage is undetermined.

Ticket No.:INC0030650
Subject:Outage Resolved - I-Light Backbone IPHE-IPHE
Source Of Impact: Internal
Backbone IPHE-IPHE
Current State:Resolved
Start Time:2019-03-15 23:40:29
End Time:2019-03-16 03:25:32
DescriptionBackbone IPHE-IPHE is now available. I-Light Engineers have been contacted and reported that outage was a result of a bad FPC in slot 10 off of rtr.iphe.ilight.net. I-Light Engineers moved the connection in slot 10 to an available slot in FPC 5, restoring the connection. The bad FPC is scheduled to be replaced at a later date. No further outages are expected.

Ticket No.:INC0030662
Subject:Outage Resolved - I-Light Backbone MUNC-RCMD
Source Of Impact: Vendor
Backbone MUNC-RCMD
Member Ivy Tech Richmond
Member Ivy Tech Lawrenceburg
Member Earlham College
Member Ivy Tech Connersville
Member Ball State University
Current State:Closed
Start Time:2019-03-16 09:00:00
End Time:2019-03-16 13:11:23
DescriptionBackbone MUNC-RCMD is now available following a scheduled maintenance that was performed by Zayo Engineers. Zayo Engineers reported the reason for the outage was maintenance on a splice case after the scheduled maintenance window. Zayo crews have finished maintenance, and all services are restored. No further outages are expected.

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenances

Ticket No.:CHG0035772
Subject:Maintenance - I-Light bbbsw.depauwlib.ilight.net Relocation
Source Of Impact: Internal
Member DePauw University
Member Wabash College
Start Time:2019-03-27 04:00:00
End Time:2019-03-27 10:00:00
DescriptionThe above listed will be unavailable while I-Light Engineers perform maintenance to relocate bbsw.depauwlib.ilight.net. Outages are expected and the entire window is reserved. *Please note - All traffic should reroute via redundant connections.