SDN Software

The GlobalNOC Software team developed SDN solutions over the last few years in partnership with Internet2 and other community members.  With a focus on the needs of the Research and Education community in the WAN and Campus environment, these products are open source and designed for use in production environments. 

OESS Open Exchange Software Suite

OESS is a set of software used to configure and control dynamic (user-controlled) layer 2 virtual circuit (VLAN) networks on OpenFlow enabled switches. OESS provides sub-second circuit provisioning, automatic circuit failover, per-interface permissions, and automatic per-VLAN statistics. It includes simple and user friendly web-based user interface as well as a web services API.

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FlowSpace Firewall

FlowSpace Firewall provides the ability to run multiple OpenFlow applications/controllers on the same switches providing a form of network multi-tennancy.  It operates as a proxying OpenFlow firewall, restricting which part of the flow space a controller can manipulate.  It provides the ability to enforce VLAN Tag based flow space restrictions and provides controll channel rate limiting.

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SciPass is an OpenFlow application designed to help network security scale to 100Gbps.  In its simplest mode of operation, SciPass turns an OpenFlow switch into an IDS load balancer capable of considering sensor load in its balancing decisions.  When operating in Science DMZ mode, SciPass uses Bro to detect "good" data transfers and programs bypass rules to avoid forwarding through institutional firewalls, improving transfer performance and reducing load on IT infrastructure.

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We run over 20 different networks across the world. We know the pain caused by software flaws and poorly designed interfaces.  We strive to providing reliable, thoroughly tested, and easy to use software.


Products are designed with key stake holders.  We start with a statement of objectives, scope and requirements then move on to create a design that touches on internal structure, APIs and human interaction considerations.


During development, all code is associated with feature or bug request ticket.  Unit tests for new features and bugs are also added, these are run any time time the software package is built. 


We test against real hardware in a lab owned by Internet2 and operated by the GlobalNOC.  Every release is tested in the lab. We measure how much of our code is exercised by each test to guide future test development.