Multipoint Static MAC Circuits

The multipoint static-MAC-address feature allows you to add devices' MAC addresses to each endpoint of a circuit. Traffic with a destination MAC address matching a defined MAC address will be routed directly to the endpoint on which it was assigned - as opposed to the default behavior of sending all traffic to all of the non-origin endpoints. This can be useful on circuits with more than two endpoints.

NOTE: This option is available only for OpenFlow-based circuits. Whether or not MAC addresses are used to limit the destination endpoints in an MPLS-based circuit is dependent on whether nodes' Ethernet-over-MPLS implementations handle MAC address learning.

Adding a Multipoint Circuit with Static MAC Routing

Start by creating a circuit, as detailed in another section of this documentation. The circuit must be OpenFlow-based, which is controlled by which interfaces are used as endpoints. On the Options page, you'll find an option at the top called Multipoint Static MAC Routing, which is disabled by default. Click the button to the right of Multipoint Static MAC Routing to enable it. Follow the steps below, which also take place on the Options page, for adding, editing, and removing static MAC addresses on endpoints. The remainder of the circuit editing and provisioning process is unchanged from any other circuit.

Adding a Static MAC Address to an Endpoint

To add static MAC addresses to an endpoint, click the Edit button on the endpoint's row in the Endpoints table. This will bring up a dialog called Static MAC Addresses & VLAN Tag for Interface [interface name], which is where you will add and/or remove static MAC addresses for that endpoint.

To add a MAC address to the endpoint, enter the MAC address in the input box to the left of the Add MAC Address button, then click the Add MAC Address button. The MAC address will be added to the table above, which contains all of the MAC addresses to be associated with the endpoint. Once you have added all the MAC addresses you wish to associate with the endpoint, click the Save button to apply the changes to the endpoint's configuration.

Removing a Static MAC Address from an Endpoint

To remove a static MAC address from an endpoint, you use the same dialog as when adding a static MAC address. To the right of each MAC address in the current list associated with the endpoint, there is a Delete button; click that button to remove the corresponding MAC address. When you're done removing (and possibly also adding) MAC addresses from the endpoint's list, click Save to apply your changes. If you don't want to save the changes you made, click the X in the upper-right corner.

You can also remove an endpoint from the circuit outright by clicking the Remove button at the bottom of the dialog.