OESS: Open Exchange Software Suite

OESS is a set of software used to configure and control dynamic (user-controlled) layer 2 virtual circuit (VLAN) networks on OpenFlow or MPLS enabled switches. OESS provides circuit provisioning, automatic circuit failover, per-interface permissions, and automatic per-VLAN statistics. It includes a simple and user friendly web-based user interface as well as a web services API.  For more information or help using OESS please see the oess-users list at https://mail1.grnoc.iu.edu/mailman/listinfo/oess-users


  • self service virtual circuit provisioning web portal
  • integrated per port / vlan usage monitoring
  • sub-second provisioning
  • automatic failover and restoration to and from backup path
  • work groups for shared managment of resources
  • admin web interface for service management
  • switch and topology discovery
  • IDCP based inter-domain circuit provisioning
  • PefSONAR data export
  • NSI based inter-domain circuit provisioning

OpenFlow Not Yet Supported Features

  • MAC Address Learning
  • QnQ
  • QoS (CoS)

OpenFlow Compatible Switches

Vendor Model SW Revision MultiPoint Match on DL_DST
Brocade MLXe 5.4.0a, 5.4.0b, 5.4.0c, 5.4.0d, 5.6.0a, 5.6.0b Yes Yes
Cisco ASR9000[1n_13.04.13] (Proof of Concept) No Yes
Dell S4810 9.1.0, 9.2.0, 9.3.0 No Yes
IBM G8264 No Yes
Juniper MX960 13.2 (13.2-20130608_ib_13_3_fsg.0) Yes Yes
NEC PF5820 No Yes

This table contains the set of switches and firmware we know to work sufficiently well with OESS.  Click the Vendor link to see our basic usage notes for each.

MPLS Supported Switches

Vendor Model SW Version
Juniper MX Series 15-17