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Replacing Node / DPID Change

I've had to do this in testing (because the juniper backup REs have different DPIDs).

The change is pretty simple depending on what you have done.  If you know the DPID before the node connects you need to convert the DPID into its integer form.  Once you do that update the node_instantiation table in OESS so that the dpid of the end_epoch = -1 record for that node_id to the new dpid (integer form).

If the node has already joined, the process is slightly more complex.  You can copy the dpid value from the new unapproved node, however you will need to delete the interfaces, links, node records associated to this node.

delete from link_instantiation where interface_a_id in (select interface_id from interface where node_id = X)

delete from link_instantiation where interface_z_id in (select interface_id from interface where node_id = X)

delete from interface_instantiation where interface_id in (select interface_id from interface where node_id =?)

delete from interface where node_id = x

delete from node_instantiation where node_id = X

delete from node where node_id = x

finally for both cases this is the query needed to be run to update the dpid

update node_instantiation set dpid = Y where node_id = X and end_epoch = -1

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