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PennREN - Maintenance Window

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PennREN Maintenance Window Policy

The PennREN Operating Service Level Objectives (OSLO) as referenced in Section 4.0 of the PennREN MSA states the following on page 6:
Scheduled maintenance is performed during the maintenance window. 
The PennREN NOC will provide a forty-eight (48) hours notice via electronic methods for non-service impacting scheduled maintenance. 
The PennREN NOC will provide seven (7) days notice via electronic methods for service impacting planned maintenance. 

Standard Maintenance

The standard maintenance window will be Tuesday morning from Midnight (00:01) to 6 a.m. (0600) Eastern Time. Only emergency maintenances get scheduled outside of these maintenance windows.


Emergency Maintenance

Any change normally done during a scheduled maintenance window that engineering feels is critical enough that it cannot wait for the next scheduled maintenance window. Engineering will need to get an approval from the KINBER on-call before they are able to proceed.


Vendor Maintenance Windows

University of Pittsburgh-Titusville (PITU): Facility technicians perform a weekly generator test at 06:00 AM EST on Monday mornings. This will create a temporary voltage sag generating a cleared 'Input Voltage Failure' alarm. These can be ignored.

Note: As of October 29th, we were notified that this test now occurs on Monday afternoons. The voltage alarms can be ignored during this timeframe.

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