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Changing Controller

To change the openflow controller complete the following steps

1.) choose iscli mode

"Select Command Line Interface mode (bladeos-cli/iscli): iscli"

2.) type enable


3.) type the show run command to see the current controller configuration

"nec#show run"

which will output something like the following...


Current configuration:


version ""

switch-type "NEC PF5820"




openflow instance 1



echo-request-interval 1000


        controller 1 address

member 20-25,40,42,60


openflow instance 2


controller 2 address



The important bit being contained in the "openflow instance 1" section.

4.) run configure terminal command

"nec#configure terminal"

5.) type the openflow instance to edit

"nec(config)#openflow instance 1"

6.) Finally set the new controller address

"nec(config-openflow-instance)#controller 1 address <NEW_IP_ADDRESS>"

7.) you will more than likely then have to run the "write mem" command and then the "reload" command for the changes to take affect

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