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Managing Workgroups

To modify a workgroups permissions go to the admin section of the OESS UI.  Click on the Workgroup tabs on the left.  There will be a table in the center with the names of all of the workgroups.  Find the workgroup you wish to modify, and then click it.

On the new window that has opened, 2 seperate lists appear.  The left list contains all of the users currently part of the workgroup.  The right list contains the list of all the edge interfaces the workgroup is currently allowed to provision on.

Adding Users

Underneath each of the tables is an add button. The add users button will provide a list of all users currently configured in OESS.  Find the user to add to the workgroup (if the user does not exist see the add a user to OESS section). Clicking the user in the table adds the user to the Users list.  

Adding Interfaces

The add interface button opens up a map of the Network.  Clicking a node on the map will show a list of all the interfaces on the device.  Clicking an interface in the list will add that interface to the workgroup.

When running a node in Dual Stack mode (OpenFlow and NETCONF), you will find two of each interface. One interface was discovered using OpenFlow, and the second using NETCONF. Be sure to include both interfaces if you wish to enable provisioning of OpenFlow and NETCONF circuits.

Removing Users

To remove a user from a workgroup click the remove button next to their name in the user table.

Removing interfaces

To remove an interface from a workgroup click the remove button next to the interface in the Owned Interfaces table.

Editing Workgroup

At the top of the workgroup page is the Edit Workgroup Details button. Clicking this button displays a dialog that allows you to edit the Name, External ID, Node MAC Address Limit, Circuit Limit, and Circuit Endpoint Limit of a workgroup.

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