GlobalNOC Web Login (GWL)

GlobalNOC Web Login (GWL) is a Single Sign On (SSO) solution that protects all of the GlobalNOC's private tools and services.  Including the GlobalNOC Database. GWL redirects all web sessions to be secured with SSL, to provide secure transport of sensitive information.

GWL can rely on many differnet authentication realms for users to choose from when logging in.  Once authenticated to GWL users can access any GWL protected service without logging in again.  GWL allows the GlobalNOC to use fine grain access control for each tool or service.

If you have a GlobalNOC Web Login Account but have forgotten the password please e-mail for assistance.

To request a GWL account please e-mail Please include contact info, name of sponsor, and what tools and/or services you are attempting to access.

To change your GWL password: