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Configuring NSI in OESS

To configure NSI in OESS a few steps need to be completed.

1. Creation of an NSI user (for interacting with the OESS web-services)

2. Creation of an NSI workgroup (for ACL permissions to be configured)

3. adding the NSI user to the NSI workgroup.

4. Configuring /etc/oess/nsi.conf

   You will need to specify the nsi user and password, along with the URL to the web-service that you will be using (usually https://<your host>/oess/services/).  You probably will also need SSL certificates to communicate with other SSL authenticated NSI aggregates/instances.

Once all of this is completed, restart (or start) the oess-nsi daemon using the init script (/etc/init.d/oess-nsi [re]start)

5. Topology / ACLs for NSI

  the NSI topology will contain the ACLs for the NSI workgroup.  You most likely will need to submit your topology to an aggregate.  This is configurable in /etc/oess/database.xml file <oscars topo="<url>">

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